A bit of history

The author of the original game, Edmond, was in fact named Charles Ernest Billaudot. He was born in 1829 in Poilly sur Serein in France. An enthusiast of astrology, chiromancy, fortune-telling, esotericism, he was a professor in Paris of Celestial mathematics. He died in 1881 at the age of 51.
The original game he designed in 1845 was miraculously saved from destruction by the Oracle Belline who after having discovered and studied it decided to edit the game under his name in 1961. Its’ renown has ever since grown and enthusiasts are numerous.
The Oracle Belline is marketed in France and many books are available on the method of interpretation and analysis.
The original game by Edmond has a very poor design. Although some adepts are keen on the crude graphics of the original version, many are dishearten. A great enthusiast of the game, Medlindaf also did not appreciate the original design. But his attention was captivated by the game itself. However his artistic training took over one day and he decided to redesign the game to give it the support it deserved. This gave birth to the present version of the Tarot d’Eltynne.
With the game you will find illustrated a number of Medlindaf’s personnel sorting methods which have given him good satisfaction. However there is no universal method, the cards have their own spirit which should guide you in harmony to your own method. With experience you will find the method which gives you the best results. Whether derived directly from this manual, a book or any other source, the most important is to find that which helps you the most to grasp the messages that the cards convey.